We are a friendly and smart housepainting & color design business that provides clients with a wide range of traditional and sustainable housepainting services.

  • Interior and Exterior painting for new construction, remodels, and repaints.
  • Color Design for every part of your home or business.
  • Traditional hand-brushed exteriors. Full exterior paint services please see the change-it tab!
  • Powerwashing services: Wash and hand scrub of exteriors to remove mildew, dirt and city grime.
  • Traditional hand-brushed cabinets and trim-work, cut & roll for walls.
  • Restoration of Woodwork.
  • Staining & Clear Coating.
  • Water Damage Repair & Texture Matching for Ceilings & Walls.
  • Lead-Based Paint Renovation Licensed.
  • Provide Environmentally Friendly Services & Zero/Low VOC Product Options.

I’m happy to consult with you for any painting services you might need and come up with a master plan.┬áCall me for a quote anytime: 503-545-8380.

CCB#: 177534